I love finding the voice of each project through the details of editing and color correction.


Color Correct and Edit Reel:

Selected scenes from “Obstacle Course,” a project of Silk Road Rising Theatre (2019). This documentary-style video play is a fictionalized account of one Midwest suburban community dealing with Islamophobia and NIMBYism.

Watch the full 45-minute piece here.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and color corrected in DaVinci Resolve

Editor & Colorist:

“Tides,” a 5-minute silent dance short (2016)

Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere Pro


“Dad’s Guns,” an 8-minute short about gun control (2019).

Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Co-Editor & Co-Producer:

“Thank You, Microsoft” - Donor video for Seattle Children’s Hospital (2014)


“Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy” - part 2 of multi-part informational documentary series for Seattle Children’s Hospital (2013)