A good documentary tells a story that makes the unfamiliar not only familiar but relatable. My background is in making short, documentary-style healthcare and non-profit marketing and fundraising videos with a quick turnaround time. I'm an activist and storyteller because I believe it's a human imperative that we attempt to understand each other.

See more of my work from Seattle Children's Hospital here

Current Project (editor): Lunch with Friends at 58 Avenue Foch: The Nelson Dean Jay Story, directed by Vincent Singleton

Synopsis:  A door-to-door pots and pans salesman from Elmwood, Illinois, through sheer force of will and character, becomes the head of J.P. Morgan Chase bank in Paris and one of the most influential advisors to heads of state of his time.


  • Field video and audio recording
  • Interviews
  • Editing

Areas of interest:

  • Profiles
  • Social justice
  • Healthcare
  • Psychological portraits