Director / Pericardium Productions

Tomas and Dustin explore the neighborhood together.

Tomas and Dustin explore the neighborhood together.

Cancr (Post-production 2019)

Produced by Pride Films and Plays, "Cancr" is a short film written by Zac Payne.


Summary: Tomas’ world has gotten small since his cancer diagnosis and treatment. Now in remission, he meets Dustin on Cancr, the dating app for people with cancer. Their connection may be brief, but the care and understanding that passes between them opens something beautiful for both young men.

A Meal with Dad (2016) 

In this dramatic short, a young queer woman, haunted by a past that never was, gets a lesson in cooking and family ties from an unexpected source. 

Filmed in Seattle in collaboration with Blanket Fort Films. Starring: Sheila Houlihan, Maximillian Davis, and Emily Jo Testa.

Official selection of:

  • Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival

  • Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival (Honorable Mention audience award)

  • Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival

  • Q Cinema Fort Worth

  • Shelburne Falls Fabulous Fringe Fest

  • Chicago Feminist Film Festival

  • Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

  • North Carolina Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

  • Pride Film Festival (Chicago)

  • Women of the Now Anniversary Showcase (Chicago)

Learn more about the project here:
IMDb - Website - Kickstarter

Photo credit: Valerie Needham, Storyboard artist: Sofya Belinskaya

Tides (2016)

Two men meet on a train. This experimental short examines the ebb and flow of a relationship. 

Written by Eric Feltes. Starring: Tom Mattingly and Eric Feltes. 

Official selection of:

  • TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival

  • Filmslang (Lexington, KY)

  • Pride Film and Plays' Queer Bits III (Chicago, IL)

  • Windy City Film Festival

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