About Brittany

I am a filmmaker interested in telling stories, both fiction and non-fiction. After 5 years in Seattle, I now live in Chicago. I'm available to work as script supervisor, editor, assistant editor, documentary and corporate videographer, and PA. 

My experience includes everything from children's hospital marketing videos to feature films, from horse show videos to reality TV deliverables.  I love both the energy of working on location and the quiet focus of the editing room.

About Pericardium Productions

Film instructs at the speed of thought with the language of dreams. Too often forgotten in this equation is the heart. The pericardium protects the heart, deciding what goes in or out of the vital organ. Films can heal when people see themselves and their experiences on screen. Our society heals when stories teach empathy and we leave the theater with a little more understanding and perspective. This sounds lofty, but I believe in the impact of showing up with integrity and respect for the people and stories that move the needle towards love. Pericardium Productions aims to accomplish this by conscientiously representing people of color, queer folks, and other marginalized communities.

As of December 2016, we have two dramatic shorts on the festival circuit:

  • A Meal with Dad - written and directed by Brittany Alsot
  • Tides - written by Eric Feltes, directed and edited by Brittany Alsot

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Get in touch (or hire me): brittany.alsot@gmail.com