About Brittany

I am a queer, feminist, anti-racist filmmaker. I believe in the healing power of storytelling and art that represents the outsider experience. I see the process of making a film as inseparable from the content created. As such, I focus on creating inclusive, empathetic working environments for the cast and crew.

I am an editor, script supervisor, and non-profit marketing videographer. For the right project, I produce, direct, and shoot documentary-style. I started my career in Seattle in 2010. Since 2015, I work and find home in Chicago.

About Pericardium Productions

The pericardium encases and protects the heart, deciding what goes in or out of the vital organ.

Pericardium Productions seeks, in the wise words of adrienne maree brown,  to "cultivate fiction that explores change as a collective, bottom-up process. Fiction that centers those who are currently marginalized—not to be nice, but because those who survive on the margins tend to be the most experientially innovative—practicing survival-based efficiency, doing the most with the least, an important skill area on a planet whose resources are under assault by less marginalized people" (Emergent Strategy, 2017).

As of April 2019, we have two completed shorts:

  • A Meal with Dad - written and directed by Brittany Alsot

  • Tides - written by Eric Feltes, directed and edited by Brittany Alsot

And two shorts in post-production:

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Get in touch (or hire me): brittany.alsot@gmail.com

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